Friday, January 6, 2012

Beware: Ridiculous Lawsuits

When does a wrong or injury merit bringing a lawsuit for compensation?  While speaking with a qualified and experienced attorney can help you come to a conclusion about the merit of a potential court case, some cases would strike almost any person as obviously frivolous.  In an effort to bring to light some of the many frivolous and egregious lawsuits clogging the American judicial system, Faces of Lawsuit Abuse.org recently released the results of its readership poll for the most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2011.  Viewers voted the winner of the most ridiculous lawsuit of 2011 to be a suit in which “[a] man who kidnapped a couple at knifepoint while he was running from the police is now suing the victims, claiming that they promised to hide him in exchange for an unspecified amount of money.  The plaintiff, currently in jail, is seeking $235,000 for the alleged ‘breach of contract.’”  Also included on the list of ridiculous lawsuits of 2011: Children suing their parents for not including money when sending cards, a 300-pound man suing White Castle restaurants for not having booths available to accommodate persons of his size as well as a New York mother suing her four year-old daughter’s private preschool for using a curriculum the mother claims has damaged her daughter’s chances of attending an Ivy League university someday.