Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Drone Spotted at Deadly Crash Site

Hartford police reported seeing a drone with an attached camera at the site of a fatal crash on February 1st. In response, the Federal Aviation Administration has started an investigation. The FAA has currently only implemented policies on the use of drones, limiting flying no lower than 400 feet. Nine states have drone laws, but Connecticut is not one of them. Some Connecticut lawmakers hope to change that; a hearing on the subject was held earlier this week.

The use of drones has only recently increased. The federal government has used drones and companies, such as Amazon, anticipate using drones as a more convenient and efficient way to make deliveries to customers.

Many question whether the use of drones will intrude on privacy, since drones are considerably smaller than airplanes and helicopters, and can easily access certain areas that were previously off-limits to these larger aircrafts. Law enforcement officials fear that drone use during criminal investigations will provide an advantage to criminals by alerting them of possible police presence. Legal professionals anticipate that the increase in drones will create a new role for lawyers as drone law develops.