Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do you know if you are a Service Worker under Connecticut Law?

If you are a pharmacist, registered nurse, or office clerk, you may be considered a service worker under Connecticut law. This distinction is important because service workers may be eligible for paid sick leave. The definition of a service worker can be found in Connecticut General Statutes Section 31-57r(7). This definition corresponds with the occupation code numbers and titles of the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classification system. For more information about what businesses and employees are covered by the Paid Sick Leave Act, click here. Even if you are one of only a few service workers at your employer, you can be eligible for paid sick leave. 

The different categories are broad, extending beyond the typical service oriented position of waitress, bartender or hairdresser. The different categories are quite descriptive. If a service worker may potentially fall into more than one category, the worker is classified in the category that he or she is primarily engaged in.

The Connecticut Department of Labor has a complete list of the different categories of service workers. If you are unsure if you are a service worker or if you are an employer having trouble determining whether you employ service workers, the lawyers of Brown, Paindiris & Scott can assist you.