Monday, May 5, 2014

The Minimum Wage for Servers in Connecticut May Surprise You

Employers are legally allowed to include the tips that servers receive as part of the minimum wage, which makes the employer responsible for a smaller share of the server’s hourly wage. The current minimum hourly wage in Connecticut is $8.70. The Connecticut General Assembly recently passed Senate Bill No. 32, which sets the 2015 minimum hourly wage at $9.00. For a restaurant server in Connecticut, however, the current hourly wage is $5.69 and will rise to $5.78 in 2015.

To calculate severs’ pay, the law requires that the overall minimum wage be reduced by a statutorily set percentage. This percentage is commonly referred to as the “tip credit.” The current “tip credit” for servers, as set by Connecticut General Statute Section 31-60 is 34.6%. For an example of the “tip credit” calculation, click here.

Connecticut servers fare far better, as compared to servers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, for example. The current hourly minimum wage for a server in Rhode Island server is $2.89. In Massachusetts, it’s $2.63 per hour.

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