Monday, April 30, 2012

Legislative Round up

The 2011-2012 legislative session was a big year for action and inaction at the Connecticut legislature. How did some of the hot button issues fair? According to the Hartford Courant’s analysis of some of this year’s major bills:
Online Gambling? It went nowhere, with the Governor’s proposal not even being introduced in committee.
Banning those 18 and under from using tanning beds? Although the bill was introduced in committee, it died without any action.
Legalization of ‘medical marijuana’? The bill passed 95-51 in the House and as of today awaits action in the Senate.
Raising the state minimum wage? The bill passed 88-62 in the House and as of today awaits action in the Senate. The law would raise the current $8.25 minimum hourly wage to $8.50 in 2013 and to $8.75 in 2014.
Allowing some of the state’s largest cities to install ‘red light cameras’? The bill was voted on favorably in committee and awaits action in the House.
Ending Connecticut’s “blue laws”? The bill allowing alcohol sales on Sunday in package stores and supermarkets as well as on the holidays of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day passed the House 116-27 and awaits action in the Senate.
Guaranteeing that citizens can videotape police officers? Passed in the Senate 22-11 and awaits action in the House.
Perhaps the most notorious bill signed into law this year was the repeal of the state’s death penalty, which will not apply to those inmates currently on death row.
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