Wednesday, April 18, 2012

State Continues to Encourage Hiring

Another feature of the State of Connecticut’s Jobs Bill (which we blogged about back when it was passed in 2011) is being touted by Governor Malloy in order to stimulate job creation in the state. The STEPUP program will provide funds for companies to hire and train new employees who have been previously unemployed. The employer must be a small business with less than fifty employees. The benefits include a wage subsidy for each eligible employee for up to six months. During the first month of employment, the program covers up to 100% of the eligible employee’s earnings, up to $20.00 per hour, exclusive of benefits. Months two and three provides up to 75% of the employee’s wages; months four and five provides up to 50%; and months six provides up to 25%.  Funds will also be available for small manufacturers to cover new employee training costs. For more information about qualifications check out the fact sheet availableonline.