Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Landlord’s Remedies upon the Death of a Tenant

As a landlord whose tenant has passed away, you may be unsure of what to do and what your rights are. Can you dispose of the deceased tenant’s personal property? Do you have to wait a certain period? Under Connecticut law, there are specific steps you must follow in a situation like this that will allow you to protect your interests and re-rent the vacant property in a reasonable time.
The process may be shortened if you know of cooperative next of kin but typically, as a landlord, you must wait 45 days after giving notice to the family before you may legally remove the deceased tenant’s belongings from the property. After 45 days have passed, you may move the belongings to a storage facility for an additional 15 days before the belongings may be sold at a public auction.
Be sure to know your rights if you find yourself in this position so that you can handle an unfortunate situation in a professional and efficient manner.