Friday, January 10, 2014

Seller Beware: New Carbon Monoxide Affidavit Required for Sale of Residential Property

Planning on selling your home? As a seller, there is a new Connecticut law you should be aware of. Effective January 1, 2014, sellers of residential property must present a signed affidavit to the buyer at closing, attesting to the existence and capabilities of the carbon monoxide detectors on the premises. Specifically, the seller must supply a sworn statement that the building has carbon monoxide detectors installed pursuant to manufacturer instructions that are capable of showing the amount of carbon monoxide present in parts per million and that are capable of providing an alarm suitable to warn any occupants. Any seller who does not wish to provide this affidavit must credit the buyer $250 at closing.

For the sale of title to any building for which the building permit was issued before October 1, 1985, the seller must also attest to the presence and capabilities of any smoke detectors on the premises. Any smoke detectors must be capable of sensing visible or invisible smoke particles, must be installed within the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms, and must be capable of providing an alarm suitable to warn any occupants.