Thursday, February 11, 2016

What are my rights if I’ve been injured on the job?

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act provides benefits for workers injured  in the course of their employment.  Under the Act, a number of benefits exist for the injured employees.  Such benefits include compensation for periods of time an employee cannot work, compensation for  a permanent disability or limitation from the injury, payment of medical bills, future related medical expenses, as well as a job retraining program for employees whose injury prevent them from returning to the kind of work they used to do. 

Workers’ Compensation covers nearly all employees, including minors, non-citizens, and part-time employees.  In some cases, injured workers may be eligible for Worker’ Compensation benefits even when they sustained an injury outside of the workplace, such as when while traveling for work or working remotely.. Additionally, the State of Connecticut has a no-fault system of Workers’ Compensation, meaning an employee may receive benefits for his or her injuries even if the accident was the employee’s own fault.

While the employer is responsible for providing the initial medical treatment, usually through an occupational health provider, the employee has the right to choose his or her own treatment providers after the initial visit with the employer designated medical practitioner.  However, if the employer participates in an approved medical care plan, the employee must choose a physician from the list of doctors included in that plan.

Often a workers’ compensation insurer is required to issue a Voluntary Agreement, essentially accepting liability for the employee’s claim and defining important aspects of the same, such as the employee’s compensation rate under the Act.   The employee has the right to not accept a Voluntary Agreement, which is especially important if the employee believes it contains an error, such as a miscalculation in the rate of compensation.

Most importantly, the workers’ compensation regime in Connecticut includes a Commission, where employees can force the insurer to provide them with the benefits and compensation they are entitled to under the act.  As an injured employee, it it is crucially important that you have a devoted and experienced attorney to advocate for their rights before the Workers’ Compensation Commission to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

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