Thursday, March 3, 2016

The House That Social Media Built

As anyone who has built or renovated a house knows, lot of decision-making goes into giving a home a proper makeover.  House flipper Mike Riccio and realtor Nicole White recently embarked on a social media-fueled renovation project. 

The house they've chosen is a Dutch colonial located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Instead of choosing cabinet types, paint colors, trim finishes, appliances and other details on their own, White and Riccio have been putting it to a vote on Facebook. Interested participants have 48 hours to vote for their favorite choice.

White and Riccio have so far garnered hundreds of votes on various renovation options. In videos posted after the voting period ends, they announce the winning choice.  Comments on Facebook have been overwhelmingly full of support and excitement.

Nicole White noted that most home consumers at least start their search online, and Riccio romantically described the project as one that builds community, because everyone gets the opportunity to be part of the design process.  Ideally someone who participates in voting on the design will end up as the proud new owner of the House That Social Media Built. 

The process should take about twelve weeks and is still going on. You can view before and after pictures of the house and vote on future design options by visiting the The House that Social Media Built Facebook page.